Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Skin 79 Dream Girl BB Cream $19.90

Description: This BB cream suit gers from age 16-23. Its meant for combination,oily and dry skin.The water moleclue cover the oil moleclue to prevent ur face from being oily.This BB cream act as a make up base as well as a sunblock.
1.The use of O / W formulations -- the oil-absorbing ability of the porous excellent powder, can be better achieved conditioning adolescent excessive oil secretion problem, so long the skin can not greasy refreshing
2.The effect of strong sunscreen SPF30/PA + + Sun has a good effect, no need to use other sun protection products, so keep refreshing non-oily skin.
3. The improvement of skin -
A mixture of natural extracts (aspartate, Kanto flowers, algae), can improve the skin of a special issue of composition, Portulaca oleracea extract, licorice extract, citrus extract and so on, can effectively protect young sensitive skin.
4. Cuticle of the effectiveness of management Add papaya extract, can help break down keratin, making skin more soft and supple.
【Main ingredients】: The issue of the composite skin hormone (special component) - will be aspartate, Kanto flowers, a certain proportion of algae in accordance with the following mixed-use, can be effective in improving problem skin.
Portulaca oleracea extracts - calm sensitive skin, so rough and dry skin parade shiny wet.
Citrus extract - can effectively isolate the UV, so that a more healthy skin.
Licorice extract - to give the function of moisturizing the skin, so that there is moisturizing skin. Porous powder - to achieve secretion of cooking oils and fats, so that oily skin does not cool.
Papaya extract - can help break down keratin, so that more soft and supple skin
SPF 30 PA++

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