Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shills Miracle Lifting Contour $19.90

Always think that ur skin r drooping?its so unglam..u shd try this!
Contain Micro-meter-rich red crystal that is easily absorable into the deeper fat layer to dissolve them.It contain slimming ingredients like caffine
L-carnitine - can tighten the skin layer
caffeine - burn off fats n calories n oso moisturise ur skin at the same time
Aescinate saponin rich in flavonoids, has a strong natural anti-aging agent
seaweed essence - so that the skin- maintain MOISTURE when u r slimming
Use everydae for 1 mth n u will notice that ur skin is firmed n of cos u will look slimmer!
dun regret for not buying,u will miss the chance to look slimmer n fitter!=D

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