Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sana Polynia Cleanser $12.90

Avaliable in
  1. Whitening(lemon)
  2. Pore Tightening(Redwine)


Lemon is rich in vitamin C, has the role of Anti-allergy and whitening, extraction of tea polyphenols antioxidant ingredients to protect skin from the outside resistance against environmental pollution, plant moisture factor unique to quickly add the water cells and nutrients. maintain the skin's elasticity and tension, and the other at all times maintain skin润白剔透, the application of any skin.

Ingredients: Sake wine exquisite meal, lemon extract Tsui, Yuen C left essence, amino acid.

Pore Tightener

High concentration of red wine to tighten the role of Su-unique, safe to tighten pores, reduce skin oil, and dirt can be thoroughly cleansed skin, so keep your skin whitening, refreshing; rich sheen, suitable for any skin.

Ingredients:. High-speed concentration of red wine, grape polyphenols, seaweed essence, the essence of egg white, wave uric acid, amino acids


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