Friday, July 31, 2009

Skinlogy AHA Sebum Purifying Toner $18.90

  • Reduce pore size
  • Reduce sebum production
  • reduce pimple outbreak

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sana ExtraLong Mascara $14.90

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Description: Sana Extra Long Mascara’s Highly-Dense Teeth Brush seizes sufficient fiber. Ultra long lash is resulted easily, with only single application.

Dense elastic fiber could even lengthen very fine lash.
Soft Membrane Formula consolidates the shape of lashes.

Sweat- proof and water proof mascara blended with Quick-Dry Formula allows sparkling eyes immediately.

country of origin:Japan


Sana peel tight gel $15.90

Description:SANA ESTENY Peel Tight Gel contains alga extract and moisturizing ingredient. Skin becomes firmer by massaging the gel. The Peel Tight Gel softens cuticle by AHA, leaving skin silky smooth and radiant. With the pleasant scent of green apple.

1. Dry the skin with towel after bath.
2. Apply an appropriate amount onto stomach, waist, arm, thigh and butt.
3. Massage for 2-3 minutes from bottom to top without rinsing.
4. For optimum result, apply with SANA hot curvy oil gel.

country of originJapan

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

kose Circle Effector $15.90

Description:Kose Cosmeport Circle Effector is an eye cream. With a combination of hydrating ingredients like linden extract and γ-oryzanol, the eye cream replenishes the delicate skin around eyes with nourishment and blood circulation stimulants. It helps reduce the problem of dark eye circles. You can use the eye cream as makeup base.

country of origin Japan

suitable forall skin type


Sana Hot Curvy Oil Gel $16.90

descriptionSana Esteny Hot Curvy Oil Gel contains hot pepper extract and moisturizing ingredient. It is a hot massage after bath time which makes you to sweat. Fruit oil and sugar are included for a curvy, firm and smooth body! With the pleasant sweet scent of fruit. how to use it

1. Dry the skin with towel after bath.
2. Apply an appropriate amount onto stomach, waist, arm, thigh and butt.
3. Massage until the sugar particles fully dissolves, then rinse off.
4. For optimum result, apply with Sana Esteny Peel Tight Gel.

country of origin Japan

*sasa selling $22.90*

Sana Eye Concealer $14.90

Description:Sana Make Essence Eye Concealer completely cover unpleasant dark circle. Light Yellow concealer allows natural result.
4 whitening ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Blueberry Leaf Essence, Carrot Essence. They nourish eye contour areas and restore elasticity of skin. Fatigued eyes are relieved. They also boost metabolism to ease dark circles.
Dense Flexibility Formula brings long-lasting wear.

Direction:Apply to under-eye area after make-up base. Press lightly and spread evenly. Apply foundation as usual.

Country of originJapan

Suitable forall skin type

*sasa selling $19.90*

JUJU AQUAMOIST Essence 30 ml $18.90 ( 5 * rating)

Description:Contains Sodium Hyaluronate, moisturizes skin immediately. Very effective even in a very dry environment. 100% pure essence of Sodium Hyaluronate, protects and moisturizes skin. High penetrative ability, penetrates to deep layer of skin and repairs the wrinkles of dryness. Improves texture of skin, leaves the skin soft and bright. Mild acidity formula. No fragrance, colouring, mineral oil or animanl origin added. Gentle to skin.
This product is highly recommended by the famous TV show “Nu Ren Wo Zui Da”.

Direction:Get 2 drops from container and apply gently on face at night. For best result, use with Aquamoist Toner and Aquamoist Moisturizer.

Country of origin:Japan

Suitable forall skin type / dry and delicate skin


PDC Celdie AHA Apple face wash $12.90

PDC CELDIE Face Wash helps to effectively eliminate blackheads, excess oil and impurities of skin, leaving you a clear, health glow. Use daily. Squeeze a small amount into hands and work into rich lather. Massage onto wet face. Rinse off with lukewarm water.



PDC L'epoze quick repair essence $15.90

DescriptionPDC L’epoze Quick Repair Essence can effectively cover pores, as well as moisturizing, firming and lifting up your skin. Your skin will feel amazingly fresh.

Direction:Take a proper amount of PDC L’epoze Quick Repair Essence with fingertips. Apply it to face areas needed.

Country of origin:Japan

suitable foroily and acne skin / combination skin


Monday, July 20, 2009

Sana powder foundation $12.90

description: performs perfect skin and a non-heavy look.
Transparent Silicon grains are contained to reflect light. Pore is invisible. Even large pores on nose could be hindered. Naturally smooth skin is resulted.
Oil absorbing powder and hydrating ingredients allows better contact to skin and long-lasting wear. A whole-day translucent look is performed.

how to use it:Use after foundation. country of originJapan suitable forall skin type

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Niu Er @Nature $16.90

Lavender Detox-White Facial Night Gelly 70g
This superb night gel mask is a whitening and recovery face treatment that leaves the skin bright and smooth. It is infused with plant extracts and bio-whitening complex that melt into the skin when applied to the face, helping to reveal a lighter, more even complexion by lightening dark spots and imperfections while helping to prevent the formation of new dark spots.
Directions: Apply small amount over face and neck every night after cleansing.

Rose Flower Facial Night Jelly EX 70g

This wonderful night gel mask is a hydrating and toning face treatment that leaves the skin rejuvenated and relaxed. It is infused with rose petals extract and bio-moisturizing complex that melt into skin when applied, helping to retain moisture and tighten pores.Directions: Apply small amount over face and neck every night after cleansing.

Tea Tree Pure Pore Facial Night Jelly 70g
This deep pores cleansing night gel mask is an anti-septic and detox face treatment that leaves the skin and pre pure and refined. It is infused with witch hazel, aloe and cucumber extracts and zinc gluconate that melt into the skin when applied, helping to hydrate skin and regulate the sebum flow, and piroctone olamine improve the acne and breakout. Every morning you wake up, you will feel more even, pure, matte and poreless skin.
Directions: Apply small amount over face and neck every night after cleansing.

F Cup Supple $65

It is a product of japan and has been highly raved in many forums.
Slim & Detoxifying.

Bust Enhancement X 10 times.
Glowing skin.
Healthy Hair & Skin
=all-in-one= F CUP SUPPLE!

It helps to:
Larger , fuller, firmer breast
Improved circulation
Healithier hair and skin
Reducing stress
Looks younger
Ingredients:Pueraria Mirifica, Dextrin, Placenta extract (extract of pig), West dandelion root, clove, Fenugreek seed, Saw Lasi extract, Wild Yam extract, Kroeger Herb, Milk sugar, Malt sugar, Crystal cellulose8 tablets (about 2.0g) 7.42kcal, Protein 0.27g, Fat 0.04g, Carbohydrate 1.50g, Sodium 2.00mg
Content60g (250mg×240 tablets)
How to enjoy itPlease take 6 or 8 tablets a day.
Those who never heard of F cup cookies or fcup the following video