Saturday, June 27, 2009

Niu Er BeautyDIY Enzymatic Peeling $15

Green Papaya pore gel purification horny Papaya Enzymatic Peeling ★

:::Commodities Introduction:::

Moderate to ultra-horny gel, excluding particles, in the face of gently rolling, with skin keratinocytes with the old waste arising from litter-like material and would not let too heavy to bear facial stimulation, but added Green Papaya enzyme components, can moderate decomposition horny old waste。

To maintain smoothness and meticulous skin.

:::Major components :::
Green Papaya Enzyme: An help horny soft decomposition. 'Aloe extraction: An appease strengthen skin effect.
Cucumber extract: An moisturizing, Greenspan skin discomfort.
Sweet orange essential oils: An increase in skin smoothing bright.
Lemon extract: An promote keratinocyte metabolism
Licorice: An enhanced skin defense force.
Glycerol: An strengthen skin moisturizing effect.
Use : Clean face, the face water wiped away first, with fingertip get adequate horny gel, avoid eye location, drying gently massage the skin of the face and neck until the horny stripping, wash water reuse
Use 1-2 times per week.

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