Friday, June 5, 2009

Anion Blue Whitening Cream $15

Description: This 28 days to fairer skin make use of the best whitening ingredients.I personally use it before,aft FIRST USE, the result is veri kidding.Continously use it for a mth u wil notice a veri big difference.the oni thing is that the first time i use i tink its thick,but slowli i get use to it.wats more impt than turning into fair lady?=D

Green: This will have a refresing smell..
Purple: This is the BEST SELLING among the four.they call it chanel..
Blue: This is the lightest smell among all.
Pink: This has a classic rose smell.for those who like the smell can choose this.


  1. Hello dear, is the price in BND (Bruneian Dollar)? :)

  2. Hey! I am really interested in the product. However, I know this sounds insulting to ask, but is the product your selling authentic (I remember it had to have a seal because there are a lot of fakes)?

  3. Do you also ship to the US? Is it the original brand?