Sunday, June 21, 2009

DHC ance whitening gel $18.90

Acne scar is something that is owaes giving problem to one's flawless skin. This DHC Whitening Essence, not only helps to whiten scar, it oso helps to prevent acne, and at the same time improve pigmentation, so that your skin becomes smooth and glossy. This product contains licorice extract from the components of the skin can be suppressed due to excess sebum secretion caused by acne. At the same time easy to be absorbed through skin contains rich vitamin C, from the inside to the outside to protect your skin! Full-face painting, to enhance the transparency of a sense of the cuticle to help restore the sensitive skin acne white. No fragrance, no coloring.
Usage: Apply to the face of soybean grain size on those scars that need to be fade.Tab on the scar until it is fully absorbed.
● Not only can be used as part of a nursing acne, but also suitable for daily use of the whole face. Large-scale application, repeated long-term prevention of acne is also very effective.
● polysaccharides containing natural polymer to give the necessary oily skin refreshing and nourishing.
● the use of a sense of cool and effective convergence pores, skin texture and fine adjustment of the ideal state. Watered down and light spots pock-all without leaving any traces! 痘痘special by adding to the issue of easing the essence of licorice and allantoin ingredients, combined with vitamin C, Age-Control of the effectiveness of color, long-term use could dilute the痘痘left or red spots, in addition to components naturally present in the polymer Polysaccharides can be soft around痘痘rough chapped skin, so skin and relieve痘痘MOISTURE. DHC White Gel also pock-specific water-soluble gel using fresh texture, is the favorite female maintenance, do not add spices, pigments and preservatives, not because of whitening ingredients and make it easier to stimulate the skin, better skin pH balance value, in addition to changing the current痘痘problems, skin texture can be easily transferred into长痘state, even if the damage is due to痘痘skin or sensitive skin, able to feel at ease to use, in addition to use in local痘痘outside the whole face can also be used, light-colored, with white spots can care, even the entire face becomes translucent color, it can lower liquid-to-use whitening essence, it is dual Oh!

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