Saturday, June 27, 2009

Niu Er BeautyDIY Tzone Pore Effector $15.90

Description:The effect of both modification and maintenance of the pores + special skin care products, fresh and non greasy texture, cucumber and aloe extracts are added to the improve skin condition and moisturise, strengthen the compact pores and improve oily skin vulnerable to oil and the problem of large pores; In addition, the pore-modified powder, can help in addition to suction excess facial oil pores modified with instant results
The main components :
Cucumber extract: to maintain the transparent skin, strengthen moisture balance and improve the phenomenon of skin oil.
Aloe extract: to strengthen the effectiveness of skin relief, skin stimulation
Hyaluronic acid: instant supplementary skin moisture, strengthening the defense capabilities of the skin.
Yeast extract : hydrolysis by yeast extract after, it could be supplemented by the exchange of nutrients within the skin to help skin Synthesis of energy, so that in the best condition to maintain the skin to absorb the ingredients more effective maintenance.
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein : molecular plant protein, can be formed on the surface of the skin membrane, play an instant skin pores and compact Effectiveness.
Neroli essential oil : activation of skin and strengthen skin repair.
Sweet orange essential oil: to strengthen the skin gloss.
Use After the use of sunscreen products, or prior to the use of foundation, use a small amount of cream to cover up the pores.massage in circular motion until cream totally absorbed

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