Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Benefit Woman Seeking Toner $42

3 in 1 toning lotion that moisturise,revitalizes and smoothes
"Tired of wasting ur time on 2 timing toners that make false promisesand leave u heartbroken?This will be a refresghing change.It will provide u with meadosweet extract to help control OILINESS & SHINE,& lavish u with artemisia capillaries extract to protect ur skin from free radical damage.IT WILL MOISTURISE,REVITALIZE,SMOOTH & HELP U LOOK YOUGER DAY & NIGHT!"

Description:This is sure to be your best-kept beauty secret. Much more than a simple toner, this delicate toning lotion hydrates, revitalizes & smoothes your complexion. Leaves your skin feeling refreshed & smooth in seconds.
Tips and tricks: After cleansing, apply to your face & neck-colleté with a cotton pad. For maximum revitalizing effect, tap skin lightly with fingers to help lotion absorb. Do not rinse off. Follow with moisturizer. Use morning & evening. Product details

177 ml / 6.0 US fl oz


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