Sunday, May 31, 2009

Skin 79 Diamond Prestige BB Cream $35

Description:Diamond Version is the latest version bb cream.Its the improved version.For those who used skin79 products u shd noe hw well it can be..Definitely worth the $!!

Clean skin and smooth skin texture,a dual function of the BB cream. Containing the rosemary, and other plant placenta consisting of plant extract components and patented whitening Tyrostat, with skin whitening effect and the effect of blocking ultraviolet light, so that a more healthy skin. Portulaca oleracea, plants such as chamomile extract components so that to reduce fatigue and rough skin. It's rich in skin moisturizing hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin. The main ingredients: the biggest selling point is to contain diamond, pearl, ruby and amethyst extract, shiny skin has a natural luster to the three-dimensional; rich in vitamin E and pearl powder compound to provide skin moisturizing and anti-oxidation; containing Q10 and wild chrysanthemum extracts, such as the skin can provide the necessary nutrients.
Product Efficacy:
  • wrinkle-free, white
  • block UVA / B ultraviolet (SPF25/PA + +)
  • skin moisture and maintain skin elasticity
  • skin nutrition supplyskin and so the effectiveness of stabilization

Features: a crease, whitening, sun protection function of three kinds of authentication, is used to ensure that pro-assured, in particular the formula to make your skin charming three-

Use 1, based on the final stage of make-up, take a small amount applied to the face,until fully absorbent.

Product content: rich in vitamin E and pearl powder compound to provide skin moisturizing and anti-oxidation. Q10 containing extracts and wild chrysanthemum, and so on can provide the necessary nutrients the skin.

The BB cream is the 2008 new, UVA / B sunscreen SPF25 PA + +, suitable for mature skin, than gold and much more delicate pink and white, but also to light Oh, a word you better quality and care, so the price you are also high.


Skin 79 Gold Label Super + BB $28

Description:Whitening + Wrinkle free +sun protection

Skin 79 Hot Pink Super BB $27

Description:Super Plus ~ 10 in 1 to meet the effects of the skin senses! [ SPF25 PA++] [Whitening + wrinkle + Sun protection SPF25 PA + +] "KFDA 3 of the functional Authentication"

Skin 79 Shiny Pearl Water Drop BB Cream $19

Description: This bb cream helps to conceal flaws and at the same time hydrate ur skin!