Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pink GrapeFruit Brightening Mask $15

Description: This fresh pink gel whitening mask, containing a whitening effect of vitamin C & D, with bright grapefruit and lemon skin and excellent moisture extraction The effect of hyaluronic acid, the skin's moisturise quickly. In addition, the acid molecules contain moderate: milk Acid which aids in removing of dead skin to help the absorption of whitening ingredients.

Directions: After cleaning the face, applying a thick layer of Whitening Moisture Mask to the face, with Massage pulp of about 30 seconds. And put on for about 5-10 minutes Minutes, then rinse with water.

Proposed a week 1-3 times use.

1. If the use of the following symptoms, please stop using and consult dermatologist views: ‧ when using the red, swollen, itchy and stimulate a sense of such phenomena. ‧ after the use of the sun have the above symptoms.
2. Please try to avoid using in the wound, swelling and eczema and other skin sites.
3. When requested to avoid the use of eyes, if inadvertently so as to infiltrate into the inside of your eyes, please rinse with copious amount of water.
4. Please place a child can not get a place, not to eat this product.
5. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the best maintenance, opened as soon as possible after 6 months after use.
6. Sensitive skin skin Please do a good job in testing, to be free to use after an allergic reaction.
7. Add this product as a result of whitening ingredients and temperature over time and change the situation, This is a normal phenomenon, please feel at ease to use.

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