Tuesday, December 8, 2009

@nature Rose Oxygenating Hydra Essence(Toner) $16.90

Rose oil and rose extract

  • Bulgarian Rose Oil (Rosa Damascana) can increase the skin moisture content, Rose Extract (Rosa Centifolia) is rich in flavonoids, can enhance skin vitality; natural rose flavor allows you to feel more relaxed physically and mentally.
  • Hyaluronate Potent moisturizing factor, can be locked to live skin moisture, to play a long-lasting moisture to prevent dry skin, lack of water.
  • Compound amino acid Contains serine, arginine, glycine, lysine and other amino acids grains, in order to contain the stratum corneum in the skin's natural moisturizing factor, molecular detail, Help to strengthen the skin moisturizing effect
  • Vitamin A -Can increase collagen production, improve skin texture.
  • Hydrolyzed Silk Protein- Can protect the skin from dehydration and dry skin smooth and can be given a sense of.
  • Cucumber plant extracts Moisturizing, skin comfort.
  • Aloe extract Comfort and relieve the skin, and can add skin moisture.
  • Ceramide Long-lasting skin can erect a wall of moisture to prevent moisture loss


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