Tuesday, December 8, 2009

@Nature Lavender Detox White Lotion Complex C(Toner) $16.90

Lavender Using the highest quality French Lavandula Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), to purify, allowing muddy skin to restore a bright luster.

In the spiritual atmosphere of small lavender also has a special comfort effect.

  • Vitamin C Add a whitening effect of vitamin C derivatives (phosphoric acid magnesium salt), for the pure L-C, can be more effective to play a more excellent skin whitening effect.
  • Bio-White and bright plant compound Essence Containing a variety of plant flavonoids, can anti-oxidation, making skin brighter and has soothing, supple and sensitive effect.
  • Licorice fine Is a modest plant Rouxi formula.
  • Bearberry leaf extract -A new generation of bright and upgrade plant extracts, can improve the phenomenon of uneven skin color, so that the skin bright, uniform tender.
  • Glycerol Water-based moisturizer that can instantly make your skin full of moisture.
  • Cucumber extract Strengthen the skin moisturizing, skin discomfort comfort.
  • Aloe extract Comfort and relieve skin.


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