Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kose Whitening Air Whip $14.90

Description:Finally there is stock for this!Selling well in japan for its whitening and softening properties.
Natural Cosmetic ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, showing a sense of transparency
Continuation of the previous push foam design, lightly pressed, and instantly be able to trade surplus with smooth thick bubble pressure, penetration to the deep micro-pores, deep cleansing of pores, makeup residue, dirt and skin conditioning ingredients at the same time white pearl, make your skin smoother and fine white. Unique moisturizing ingredients and horny with softening ingredients, gently wash away the horny also nourish the skin.
★ thin Cleaning factors to look deep into pores to remove dirt, clean the skin at the same time better to remove the surface free of harmful substances, skin conditioning repair
★ contain ingredients with white pearls, washed skin comfort is not strained
★ Contains natural moisturizing ingredients co-ordination and to prevent ultraviolet damage to the skin, rich in delicate bubble can thoroughly clean the surface dirt and cosmetic residue, removing the aging horny, so that smooth skin whitening to keep skin soft and supple
★ Exfoliate: remove the old waste horny, so that his face is more transparent and shiny

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