Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anosa Anti Aging Essence $13.90

Description:(online translation)

Injection of high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid, Astaxanthin, Wild Yam, Chamomile extract, Vitamin B3 derivatives, long-lasting moisturizing factor:

* Can improve complexion,moisturise the skin & tighten skin cells

* Astaxanthin antioxidant with a high degree of efficacy, so that the skin from the inside compact distributed flexibility, compactness skin, improving fine lines, maintain the skin water retention, slow aging, improve skin elasticity and protective force.

* The double protection, so that the skin is more tension to maintain the skin smooth and soft, so shiny skin Shui-liang, promote skin Pilates efficacy, enhance skin vitality and full of plump skin texture, compaction flexible.

On astaxanthin ... ... a magical anti-aging anti-oxidant energy, there is the history of the most invincible Super Vitamin E is known. Extract from the krill, crustaceans, salmon, red algae, antioxidant capacity is B-carotene, 11 times, Q10 150 times, 200 times as lutein, vitamin E, 550 times, in order to freeze the youth to hold non - muscle of the star-ling skin care products.


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