Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anosa Anti Aginf toner $15.90

Description: (Online Translation)
To improve the rough & regain soft - heavy-weight 550 times the antioxidant power of Into astaxanthin, allantoin, tranexamic acid, witch hazel extract, Gotu Kola extract, cucumber extract, Vitamin B3 derivatives, long-lasting moisturizing factor; improve skin antioxidant power, return to original youth, to improve the coarse skin conditions, to regain a smooth soft luster
Astaxanthin More than 150 times more than the Q10 with the anti-oxidant effect of the effective anti-wrinkle ingredients, thick orange liquid beauty, creating a high moisture soft and elastic sense of skin from the inside out full force to enhance skin moisture. Long-lasting moisturizing factor
Extraction of high moisturizing essence composition, its high moisture content allows rapid absorption of the skin, promote circulation to restore skin elasticity, and firmly lock the skin moisture, skin elasticity reply, tranexamic acid and Centella asiatica extract make the skin transparent and showing a sense of white skin.
To improve the phenomenon of skin roughness Rich in astaxanthin, allantoin, can enhance the antioxidant power of the skin, giving a sense of the skin elasticity and improve skin roughness phenomenon, to maintain smooth soft skin conditions, to keep skin lubricated and make the skin younger.

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