Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Anosa Face Peeling $10.90


Redwine-anti oxident

Blue herbal-oil control

Grape seed-brightening


Description:All of these have diff functions.I tink all of u do face scrub?dont tell me u dont?omg if u dont then i tink there is a damn thick layers of dead skin cells above ur skin layers to prevent them from breathing.Face scrubs peeling will able to remove the dead skin cells and allow new skin cells to reproduce in order to give u a healthy glowing skin.
Directions:use 1 to 2 times weekly after facial wash.massage gently n remove with warm water

1 comment:

  1. If u have the slightest knowledge on skincare, not everyone CAN apply face scrubs or those with exfoliating beads. People with ACNES and PIMPLEs are the NO-NO. Don't you know that it will worsen the skin condition as scrubs are harsh for them? ^.*
    No offense.