Friday, September 18, 2009

@nature moisturiser $15.90

Lavender Detox White Crystal Moisture C
Description: Extra light,easy to absorb,daily high performace moisturizer is designed for oily skin that has dull complexion.It contains a lavender essential oil to detoxify impurities and promote micro-circulation.Vitamin C derivative,brightening botanical complex abd bearberry leaf can even out patchy skin tone,aloe soothes and hydrates the skin.Leaving it bright,refined and smooth.
Directions:Apply twice daily with fingertips after toning
For oily to combination skin with dull and spots
New Grape & Green Tea Scuplturing Neck Gel
Description: The neck tends to be forgotten,yet tgis area is fragile and easily reveals ur age.This firming neck gel is specially designed to protect the neck and decollete area.This non oily gel absorbs quickly leaving the skin feeling and looking beautifully matte,firmed, and toned
Direction:Massage with fingertips twice dail.Especialy on double chin area.
For all skin type especially for droopy and puffy areas.
Rose Oxygenating Hydra Flower Gel EX

Description:Fabulous oil free moisturising gel formulated with plant extracts of rose,lemon and cucumber to energise,hydrate and nourish skin,hyaluronic acid,amino acids complex,silk protein and ceramide capture the moist from the outside environment,hydrate drier areas without oiliness,suitable for normal to oily skin .Leaves ur skin calm,radiant,sift and well moisturised.
Direction:Apply with fingertips aft toning.Can be used as a mask around eyes nn face area.No need to rinse.

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