Friday, May 28, 2010

BeautyDIY Glacier Mud Purifying Mask $15.90

Description:Glacier Mud is located in the polar cold climate under natural soil, the special geographical environment to preserve its unique mineral composition, has a soothing, calming the skin of the special effects, but also help purify the skin, absorb excess facial oil secretion. This mask is the use of precious Glacier Mud, nourishing the skin with moisturizing sweet almond oil and seaweed extract, purify the skin at the same time will not make your skin feel too dry.

In particular,chamomile essential oil, a touch of flavor oils can not only relax at the same time can help strengthen the skin, making skin healthy and smooth.

It not only can deep cleanse ur skin, it helps your skin achieve a white and translucent effect. The mask will be green to gray mud.

Natural mild vegetable oil, can lock in the skin surface of the water film
Strengthen the skin's protective function.

Also known as deep-sea shark oil, is the efficacy of high repair and maintenance component,
Can enhance the effectiveness of keratin repair and moisture. To prevent the skin drying muddy.


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