Friday, May 28, 2010

BeautyDIY Amino Acid Washing Cream $15.90

Description: Glutamic amino acid is one of the most advanced Facial Foam material itself has moisturizing and skin care functions, will not cause dry skin. It does not make skin feel tight discomfort This Soap is the use of this most advanced cleansing ingredients, suitable for all skin types.

To glutamic amino acid as the main cleansing ingredients, gentle bubbles and meticulous, can moderate the dirt face wash oil, while leaving a sense of moisture, not drying and tighthening skin. Licorice extract to relieve skin strengthening effect, recommended sensitivity skin.

Main components:

● bran amino acid foaming agent: Gently cleanses the skin oil dirt, not washed, strained

● Licorice extract: soothing the skin to stimulate the discomfort

● glycerol: Strengthening the skin moisturizing

Usage: Apply adequate amount of cleansing cream ang massage with finger tips.Rinse after that.


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